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You want to create a podcast, but you don’t know where to begin. Well, you can relax, because we offer planning and advice  to get you started recording and publishing your own show. Here are some of the services we offer:

For Non-Podcasters

  • Analysis: How Can Podcasting Benefit You?
  • Choosing a Podcatcher
  • Choosing an MP3 Player
  • Locating Podcasts
  • Text Comments
  • Microphones and Headsets
  • Audio Software
  • Skype
  • Audio Comments
  • Shout-Outs
  • Interviews
  • Sponsoring Podcasts
  • Analysis: Should You Podcast?
  • Where to Get More Help

“Knowing what outcome you are aiming for and why is KEY to creating a successful podcast”

For Podcasters

  • Choosing your podcast’s goal, theme, tone, content, length
  • How to measure success: Counting hits and downloads.
  • Where to host your podcast
  • Vocal coaching, including warm-ups
  • Recording on site and remotely; recording from the telephone
  • Selection of telephone and remote-recording hardware
  • Microphone selection, use and placement
  • Selecting and using music and stingers – source, tempo, style, length, fade in and out, placement
  • Technical aspects of recording and saving files
  • Training/coaching for recording and editing software
  • What’s involved in post-production
  • Encouraging and handling comments
  • Setting up a comment line
  • Selecting post-production software
  • Creating ID3 tags
  • Feeds and publishing; submitting to directories
  • Promoting your podcast

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For Bay Area Small Businesses

New for 2008: ‘Professor’ Goetsch collaborates with business coach Michele Molitor and Live Oak Studio’s Priscilla Rice to bring small businesses in the spectacular San Francisco Bay Area a podcasting package covering everything from your business goals to your RSS feed, and including time in a studio people drive up from Los Angeles to use. Details on the Podcasting Package Website.

In-patient services

All of the above services can be provided as an external, outpatient consultancy, conducted by telephone or email.

However, for a more personal and custom-designed service, why not consider our inpatient services? We can come to you, work with you and your teams on a 1:1 basis.

The price for these services are negotiable with each consultant. Please use the form below to specify which consultant you would like to discuss inpatient services with further.

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More Services


  • Writing intro copy that grabs listeners

  • Scripting or editing your main copy (with tips on not sounding like you’re reading)


Let us professionally record your intros, outros, and bumpers


Sourcing royalty-free, podsafe music and stingers


Producing your show from start to finish