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There are some great podcast resource sites out there, and it wouldn’t make much sense for us to try to duplicate them here. Instead, we present you with some free tips and tools from the Asylum’s founders and links to some other helpful websites, podcasts, and blogs.

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Download this spyware-free toolbar to keep up with the latest happenings at the Asylum and on the professors’ websites. Includes a radio for playing podcasts and links to the Trafcom News, Better Communication Results, and Author-ized Articles blogs, as well as a link back to the Syndromes page so you can see what new diagnoses we’ve made. Click on the image to download yours.

Podcast Asylum Toolbar

Donna’s Podcasts About Podcasting

You can find the complete list on Donna’s website.

Sallie’s Podcast Presentations

Slides, handouts, recordings, and mind maps with links to more resources from the crusade against Podcastus Ignoramus. The list runs from the earliest (January 2006) to the most recent.


The ‘Professors’ share the fruits of their research about podcasting in these articles.


From time to time, we’ll post reviews of books about podcasting, products we use for recording, editing, or listening to podcasts, and services for podcasters.


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Whether you’re auditory or visual, you’ll find some great stuff here

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Swag for inpatients and outpatients, to support our research. Postage, mugs, caps, buttons, teddy bears, magnets, and more by request to sallie [at] podcastasylum [dot] com.

Unfortunately, CafePress doesn’t sell white coats or straitjackets, but we can send you the image to make the iron-ons. Podcast Syndrome T-shirts coming soon.

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