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Eric Schwartzman Interviews Steve Lubetkin about Podcasting

On February 19th, 2010, fellow FIR correspondent Eric Schwartzman interviewed Steve Lubetkin of Professional Podcasts for On the Record”¦Online. (At least, that’s when he posted it the interview; I didn’t get around to listening to it until rather later than that, due to the backlog in my new Sansa Clip+. )

Though I’m interested in all things podcasting at any time, the specific subject of the interview, “Podcasting for Business Communications,” was of particular interest because of a LinkedIn question I’d just seen: “What is the current state/future of corporate podcasting?”

One respondent said “Though there are some things to appreciate about podcasting, as a corporate investment it’s headed the way of the fax machine, but more quickly.”

None of the rest of the respondents agreed, though some of them (such as ”˜Professor’ Donna Papacosta here at the Podcast Asylum) might be said to have slightly biased opinions. Yet who would know, if not people who produce podcasts for corporations?

Steve Lubetkin certainly didn’t give the impression that his business was experiencing a rapid die-off. The quote Eric chose to highlight in his detailed show notes is

B2B podcasting is, for the most part, not about reaching large audiences. It’s about reaching individuals with an immediate need for the marketer’s product or service. So instead of getting in front of thousands of people who may or may not have a need, podcasting is about automating the awareness, consideration, research and evaluation phases of general buying cycles.

Which is to say, massive numbers aren’t even the point, never mind an indicator of whether the medium is viable. (Though I am taking this quote out of context.)

Eric’s rant about the number of Gold Quill entrants who claim to have podcasts and don’t (because there’s no RSS feed associated with their audio files) warmed my pedantic little heart. Indeed, I feel a syndrome coming on. I just can’t decide whether to call it “Podcastus Imitatus” or “Podcast Envy.”

Listen to the whole interview over on the OTRO website.

‘Professor’ Goetsch Talks LinkedIn on One-Minute How-To

Sallie Goetsch explains how to respond to a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don’t know in a short interview with George Smyth for his One Minute How-To podcast.

The most diplomatic option (and the one ”˜Professor’ Goetsch prefers) is to click ”˜reply privately’ in order to give the person sending the invite a chance to remind you where you met, who you know in common, and why you should accept the invitation.