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Lee Hopkins’ Report 04-14-08

”˜Professor’ Hopkins reports this week on his ongoing research into the utility of Second Life for small businesses, focusing on some yet-unrealized possibilities. What if you could import all your ”˜2D’ web properties and profiles into Second Life, so that you could engage in all your social networking activities from within your virtual environment, updating FriendFeed, Twitter, Plaxo, Facebook and displaying those updates on the virtual walls of your Second Life home?

If you have always wanted a footnote in an academic paper, here is your opportunity! ”˜Professor’ Hopkins wants to hear about your ”˜ah-ha!’ moments with Web 2.0. Lie back on the couch and tell the good doctor about what it was like when you ”˜got it’ about a new social media tool. Stories about your clients and colleagues are also welcome. Send them all to SL@leehopkins.net.

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