FIR 500 Is Coming!

If you have somehow escaped listening to For Immediate Release in its nearly five years of production, now is the time to make up for that lack. Shel and Neville are about to produce the 500th episode of their stellar podcast about the intersection of business communications and technology.

If you have any interest at all in social media, PR, internal comms, and the impact of new technology on old technology (such as  newspapers), you need to listen to this show. And I’m not saying that just because I record contributions for it now and then.

Go on over to the FIR website, listen to an episode or two, and leave a comment on the blog or call the listener comment line. Congratulate them on producing 500 episodes, and tell them ”˜Professor’ Goetsch sent you.

Bookmarks for October 15th through October 23rd

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Reports from the Asylum Album Art

Report from the Asylum 18

Today’s Report from the Asylum is brought to you by Podcastus Moriturus, and well it should be: the topic is the latest outbreak of this syndrome, Leo Laporte’s claim in his keynote for the Online News Association that podcasting is dead and a combination of 24-hour live streaming and TV set-top box delivery is the way forward. Continue reading

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Amber Lambke Interviews ‘Professor’ Goetsch at #AWSMS09

Yes, the first thing that happened to me after I picked up my press pass at the Social Media Strategies conference last week was that I got interviewed. The Social Media Marketing crew was still figuring out where to set up, as you can see from the people who keep walking in front of the camera.

I obviously have no clue how to be interviewed on video, because you never see my eyes. (Okay, yes, it was 8:00 in the morning and I would have been looking directly into the sun. That’s no excuse.)

Later in the day I interviewed one of the SMM team, president Jun Loayza. When I finally manage to edit my eight hours of raw audio files into an hour-max podcast episode, you’ll get to hear it.

Preparing for the Social Media Strategies Conference

Social Media Strategies 2009

Tomorrow I’ll be heading for AdWeek’s Social Media Strategies conference in San Francisco—in my capacity as a member of the press, to report on the event for FIR.

I haven’t been able to get a straight answer yet about recording the actual presentations for other than personal purposes, but I am hoping to interview some of the presenters and put together a special interviews podcast for Shel and Neville.

One of the interesting things about this particular conference is that I haven’t heard of most of the speakers. I mean, heck, I tend to assume I hear about everything on FIR. I’m looking forward to hearing some new case studies.

So it’s time to charge all the AA batteries for the iriver and check the microphones and pack up the netbook. If you’re going, just look for the redhead in the white lab coat.