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Anti-Social Media Services: Report from the Asylum 20

For FIR 507, December 7, 2009


This is ”˜Professor’ Goetsch reporting from the Spectacular San Francisco Bay Area offices of the Podcast Asylum.

I’m sure everyone who listens to FIR gets e-mail advertising social media webinars, trainings, and other services. Ragan Communications is hardly alone in sending invitations to these events, though I think they may be the most prolific.

But a few days before Thanksgiving, I received a message that provoked more than the usual “Oh, look! Someone wants to charge me money to tell me what I already know.” In fact, it disturbed me so much that I felt I had to share it here, even though the person who sent it is someone I know”–and used to respect. Continue reading

Reports from the Asylum Album Art

Report from the Asylum 18

Today’s Report from the Asylum is brought to you by Podcastus Moriturus, and well it should be: the topic is the latest outbreak of this syndrome, Leo Laporte’s claim in his keynote for the Online News Association that podcasting is dead and a combination of 24-hour live streaming and TV set-top box delivery is the way forward. Continue reading

‘Professor’ Goetsch Talks LinkedIn on One-Minute How-To

Sallie Goetsch explains how to respond to a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don’t know in a short interview with George Smyth for his One Minute How-To podcast.

The most diplomatic option (and the one ”˜Professor’ Goetsch prefers) is to click ”˜reply privately’ in order to give the person sending the invite a chance to remind you where you met, who you know in common, and why you should accept the invitation.

Report from the Asylum 17

In her report for FIR 471, ”˜Professor’ Goetsch shares her thoughts about VoloMedia’s so-called ”˜podcasting patent.’

  • The patent appears to focus on retrieving rather than producing podcasts
  • The company states through its PR agency that it has no intention of interfering with independent podcasters
  • For some reason, Volo seems incapable of getting that message out to the public, and uninterested in responding to the blog storm

Links: Quit Panicking About the Volo Podcasting Patent

This Report from the Asylum is brought to you by Locus Confusus.

Sallie Goetsch & Dan York Co-Host FIR

Dan York and Sallie Goetsch are back! Just over a year after their adventure co-hosting FIR 339, Dan and Sallie tackle For Immediate Release episode 448. The hot social media properties of the day haven’t changed much in a year: Twitter and Facebook are still the place to be. Just to keep things lively, Google is revealing some changes to the way it displays search results and the Association for Downloadable Media promises to give us the scoop on podcast listeners.

Plus a report from David Phillips, listener comments, and the usual spots from Ragan Communications and CustomScoop.

Shel and Neville will be back for Monday’s show. The listeners will no doubt be relieved—but nowhere near as relieved as Dan and Sallie!

Report from the Asylum 16

In her report for FIR 411, ”˜Professor’ Goetsch congratulates Shel & Neville on four years of podcasting, directs FIR listeners who need a backup solution for a small office to her FileSlingerâ„¢ Backup Blog, and makes note of a few areas where podcasting seems to be stalled out—or just stabilized:

  • There’s still no device that makes it easy to find, subscribe to, update and listen to podcasts without connecting to a computer
  • The technology for producing podcasts hasn’t changed much, though there are now more WordPress plugins for adding podcasts to blogs (such as the Blubrry PowerPress plugin used here)
  • Podcasters may be a subset of the group ”˜media producers’ or ”˜content producers’, but ”˜Professor’ Goetsch, at least, is a podcast consultant, not a media consultant.

This Report from the Asylum is brought to you by Podcastus Overproductus. For an example of this syndrome in action, listen to BASF’s The Chemical Reporter.

Report from the Asylum 15

In this contribution for the special Thanksgiving edition of For Immediate Release, ”˜Professor’ Goetsch provides highlights from “Making the Web Work for You: How Non-Geeks Use Social Media”, a panel discussion she moderated for the Bay Area Consultants Network on November 21, 2008. Among the tools these non-geeks consider invaluable are Google Alerts, LinkedIn, FreeConferenceCall, and HARO.

About the Panelists

Terry Gault, VP of Services at The Henderson Group, has been a coach, trainer, and consultant in communications skills since 1997. Terry writes both business and personal blogs, is active on Facebook and LinkedIn, and posts videos to YouTube.

Michael North has been engaged in Sales and Operations for 26 years. He uses Google Blog Alerts, Yahoo! Groups, and teleconferencing in his consulting practice—as well as good old-fashioned FTP.

Sandy Shepard wears many hats: lawyer, speaker, author, and lifestyle trainer. She has made effective use of blogging, podcasting, Google Alerts, and iGoogle. Her current passion is

Financial advisor Jeff Stoffer, CFA, CFP, pursued a successful cooking career before discovering a passion for finance and investments. Jeff has begun using article marketing and is investigating integrating audio and video into his website.

The panel is moderated by BACN Executive Team member, social media evangelist, and self-confessed geek Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with “sketch”).

Today’s Report from the Asylum is sponsored by Advertissimus Maximus.