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Book Expo Cast

BookExpoCast logo This show only appears for a couple of months before, during, and after each year’s Book Expo America, and it includes some of the presentations from the event, as well as a number of interviews with authors. I’m not that interested in most of the author interviews (many are with novelists I’ve never heard of), but the material about the publishing industry is gold.

The 2007 podcasts included several episodes on the intersection of new media and publishing, as well as panels on book reviews, US vs. UK publishing, and markets. If you’re a writer of any kind, you’ll want to tune in for these.

The next BEA is at the end of May, 2008, so the series should be starting up again soon. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the archives at

The Connected Generation

The Connected Generation Podcast At first, this show was high on production values but suffered a terrible case of Podcastus Inhospitus. The production values have remained good, but Lisa Johnson, Cassie Pruett, and the Reach Group team have made the show more accessible, producing in MP3 format, with a blog for show notes and comments. The shows are very short, often less than 10 minutes long, grouped together in series on different subjects.

‘The Connected Generation’ itself is not so much an age range (though many episodes do talk about relating to Generation Y) as an attitude. Most podcasters, and many podcast listeners, belong to this group. You might want to recommend it to those who haven’t drunk the social media Kool-Aid.

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The Forward Podcast

Forward Podcast logo The Forward Podcast is aimed at young PR professionals. So what is a forty-year-old podcasting professor doing listening to it? Well, some of it is the charm and humor of the hosts, Paull Young and Luke Armour, and some of it is the fact that many of the topics they cover are of interest to people in other fields, as well.

Production has been a bit irregular as of late (April 2008), but you can cruise the archives for tips on everything from writing to social media to inter-generational relations to finding a job.

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Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast Logo I’ve come late to this weekly podcast by Christopher S. Penn and John Wall, of whom I’d heard long before I started listening. (Christopher does the Financial Aid Podcast and is one of the founders of PodCamp; John hosts The M Show every Monday.) The show has been picked up by MarketingProfs, an endorsement it well deserves.

If you want to know about e-mail marketing, SEO, the importance of your house list, and other tricks of the trade from people who make their living doing this kind of thing, you should definitely have a listen.

And the miracle of podcasting is such that you don’t have to get up at 6 AM to meet them in Dunkin Donuts.

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David Maister’s Business Masterclass

Strategy and the Fat SmokerDavid Maister’s podcast is not the kind of listener-driven show I favor. If anyone comments on the podcasts, there’s no mention of it in the show. The style is polished and entirely suited to a presentation to a large group. Indeed, Maister’s ‘voice’ is the same in purpose-recorded podcasts as in clips from public appearances: genuine, but somehow more formal and less personal than most independent podcasters.

And none of that matters. This is a great podcast. For those who haven’t heard of him and his many books, David Maister is a Famous Consultant who has always believed in the value of giving things away. Right now the podcast is a special series of combined audio and PDF files containing excerpts from his latest book, Strategy and the Fat Smoker.

The premise of the book is that most of us (and our consulting clients) already need to know what we do for our businesses, the same way we already know what to do for our health. But we persist in our old habits anyway. I’m convinced this is the business book of the year. (Yes, even as much as I like Seth Godin.)

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