Monthly Archives: December 2006

John Valines (Radio Rickshaw)

Here is a good sample episode of Radio Rickshaw, I’ll give you the direct link to the file: Radio Rickshaw Episode 33—Don vs. World.

I also produce two other podcasts, The Heart of Darkness Comedy Podcast and the Toxic Audio unOfficial Podcast.

A good sample of the Heart of Darkness is Tips on Pizza Delivery and a good sample of the Toxic unOfficial is Toxic Podcast 5: The Sound Guy.

Matthew Wayne Selznick (Sonitotum)

For favorites from my own show, Sonitotum, I’d recommend Episode Two: A Grief Delayed.It’s a very personal one, and really hits what I want Sonitotum to be, which is a conversation between me and my closest anonymous friend.

Faves from other people’s shows? Holy moley. There haven’t been any in recent memory that really leap out at me, but of the many shows I subscribe to, these are the ones I actually actively listen to:

Spaceship Radio
I Should Be Writing
Escape Pod
Slice of Sci Fi
In Our Time

Hope that helps..!

Thanks for asking, too!

Anna Farmery (The Engaging Brand)

Wow, I have been asked some tough questions but this is up there! I cannot decide….maybe you as a listener would be better at this than me!

Depending on your contacts I would choose the following..not sure if this is right but gone for topics that general in nature.

Show 35 – Seth Godin interview – think this is good for general business people

Show 46 – Mark Sanborn on Customer Service – another good general one, on a subject that most people can connect with.

Show 52 Mitch Joel on Personal Branding – again a show that would be applicable to all

My issue is that there is a special place in my heart for each one I produce.